Knowledge map of public library projects for combating social exclusion.

Each year the map will incorporate the best projects evaluated in the announcement of the Prize "Public Library and Social Commitment". The map includes accepted projects, finalists and winners. With a link to project’s PDF of winners and finalists.

The map of social projects aims to:

  • Contribute to improving the visibility of public libraries and projects carried out for the most vulnerable sectors of the society.
  • Point out to the non-profit sector possibilities for joint action with public libraries in a given territory.
  • Stress to government agencies the importance of investing in public libraries.

  • Share knowledge about projects focused on social/digital inclusion and learning from "best practices".

"Knowledge map of public library projects for combating social exclusion". First edition was supported by a grant from the PL2020 Programme of the R&W.

  • Projects submitted
  • Projects finalist
  • Projects winners